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Tools for the ICT Incorporated Classroom

As we go along our daily routines, we can clearly see the evidence of technological advancement before our very eyes. The devices, media and other ICT tools that we used years ago in their simplest forms, have now transformed into the ‘perfect’ robots making our work and routines easier. The rate of technological advancement is increasing with time and society is looking to create and develop easier ways to live and lengthen their lives (Parker, 2019). One major source of technology is the internet, which stated by Parker, (2019) is a massive source of information that millions of people use and depend on every day. While this tool is not the only source of technology it is one of the main tools that can be use to enhance and be incorporated in lessons.

While the Internet is not the only ICT tool that can be used in the classroom, here are other options to enhance the learning experiences for students:

1. Computers

2. Tablets

3. Projectors

4. Speakers

5. Tablets

6. Printers

7. Cameras

8. Interactive Boards

This list includes a few of the important tools but can vary beyond those provided. ICT integrations has shown to increase student motivation, promote change in classroom practices and support the overall education system (Education Links, 2018). With these tools creativity is encouraged as well as increased critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and decision making as well as cognitive abilities.

Benefits of the ICT Incorporated Classroom for the students:

  1. Improves engagement

  2. Improves knowledge retention

  3. Encourages individual and active learning

  4. Encourages collaboration

  5. Useful like skills are learned

  6. Improves cognitive development and literacy (reading)

(WebAnywhere, 2018)

Benefits of the ICT Incorporated Classroom for the teachers:

  1. 1.Used to support learning methods

  2. 2.Higher quality lessons through collaboration with students

  3. 3.It can enhance interaction and increase student engagement

  4. 4.Decreases paperwork

  5. 5.Differentiated teaching is encouraged


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