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The integration of technology in industries such as car dealerships has created a more competitive playing field for businesses new and old. And for this reason, companies are continuously looking for new tools and solutions that would position them ahead of their competitors. One such solution is the use of data intelligence for car dealers.

The use of data intelligence in the automobile industry has created smart methods to efficiently increase sales, profit margins, and revenue streams and at the same time, optimise marketing and operational efforts.

If you still aren’t convinced as to how the use of data intelligence for car dealers can benefit your business, then make sure to read until the end of this article. Listed below are some advantages that it can offer your company.

Stock inventory

Every business needs tangible assets to trade with products and services. Data intelligence for CDK Autoline can give up-to-date information about the availability of stock in the organisational inventory.

The use of such tools can greatly optimise coordination for logistics operations when making a sale. It helps businesses to keep in mind the real-time demand and stock and to make the link between those two variables, no matter the kind of inventory: raw materials, work in progress, finished goods, transit, buffer, anticipation, decoupling, safe or cycle. This way, data makes this otherwise complex process, more ordered, simple, and comprehensible by the employees and management.

Another important advantage that data analytics provides is that it enables businesses to gain better control over the company stock and address critical issues that could affect business performance, such as running out of stock on goods that are on demand.

Effectiveness of salesforce

Using data-based sales analysis can show us far more detailed and precise accounting of the actual sales. It has the potential to present you with a comparison of the actual and the estimated (also called projected) sales. This provides business owners with crucial insights on what products are doing well, have the potential to make it big in the market, and those that can be recalled. You can also see the progress of the different salespeople, recognise if they have met the sales target, assess the reasons for their efficiency, and link them to certain events and changes in their work.

Another key benefit is that data intelligence for CDK Autoline enables you to discover the most efficient locations, products, and prices. It also helps identify the most engaged customer groups and the level of their loyalty, satisfaction, and value to the company.

Knowing your target customers

There is no better way than using data intelligence for car users to check the performance of your products or business in the market. Once you understand what products are suitable for what clients, you can determine the areas that you are going to focus on and for which customers. The trends in the market are also informative on consumer spending and tastes. When you have enough information on these vital things, you can direct your business to produce or distribute certain goods or services to fulfil your potential customer’s desires. Having this kind of information can prove to be advantageous, especially when setting prices and determining the best type of advertisement to use for the niche you are going to target.

Better targeting

By using data analysis, you can determine what forms of advertising reach your customers effectively and make an impact that will make them buy your products. With data, it’s easy to objectively identify which methods of product advertisement have the greatest impact on consumers as well as your product’s potential market. Through data intelligence for dealer management, you can also compare the costs of advertising strategies and choose the most efficient yet lowest possible price. The information you get enables you to save a lot of money, which you can use to carry out other pressing roles.

Personalisation and service

Companies are still struggling with structured data, and need to be extremely responsive to cope with the volatility created by customers engaging via digital technologies today. Being able to react in real-time and make the customer feel personally valued is only possible through advanced data intelligence for dealer management.

Data analytics can be further customised to create new opportunities for interactions based on the personality of the customer. It helps to gain insight into customers attitudes and behaviours regarding certain factors, such as real-time location to help deliver personalisation in a multi-channel service environment.

Since there are numerous ways for a car dealership to benefit from the use of data intelligence for car users, it’s important to consider how you can use all the advantages listed above for your business. It is also worth noting that a car dealership is not something you can manage effectively without the use of data analytics on your sales and sufficient data for your marketing strategy.

Without it, there is a significant risk of incurring huge profit losses or worse, you might even have to shut down your business if this is not properly managed. That said, it’s worth considering using data intelligence for your car dealership. Just make sure that you find the best data analytics provider, so you can guarantee efficiency and quality in the long run.

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