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Habitat: Wetland, rivers, marshes, stream

Food: crocodiles ,egg, pig, birds, fish

Eaten by: predators(top of the food chain)

Fact 1: largest anaconda being measured at 44 inches or 11,176 meters

Researched by Shehzaad Sidhick and Leighton

Writer Leighton

Habitat: Tropical rainforests of South America

Food: Fish, turtles, caimans, pigs, deer

Eaten By: Jaguars, caimam

Fact 1: Anacondas are of the largest snacks in the world ! Green anacondas is the is the heaviest snake in the world and the one of the longest

Fact 2: Baby anacondas are 2 feet and they are capable for individual life from the moment they were born.

Nocturnal: Yes, because Anacondas are nocturnal animals ,

which means that it hurt jurying the night.

Endangered: Yes, because of the loss and poaching.

Other Information: Anaconda can be 30 feet long(like a bus ) and weigh up to 550 pounds (like 11 kids). Females are longer than males.

Researched by:Rebecca,Ariel,Betty and Gemma

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