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​​​​​​​1. Google Translate App

Google Translate app can make your life greater easier. This app let you everyday & every moment. In this app you can get any country wide language translation service. If you like journeying then Google Translate could make your tour greater beautiful & greater easier. I assume all tourists will love this app as call recorder. In Google translate app have many choice example: you could translate anything by way of the usage of camera.For taking complete benefit of Google Translate you will need to install Google Translate app first.

2. Google Map App

If you adore traveling then you will need this google map application. Because you could locate your Destination with the aid of Google Map easily. When need to on foot on abroad Google Map help you. Google Map app can say you how much time need on your destination & you may see here one at a time how tons time want through bike & how plenty time by vehicle or train. Also Google Map display you the high-quality rout for you. Just not best that you may see stay site visitors update in this app. I suppose Google Map is your first-class visitor friend. More many many gain have in this app. If you want to take gain of this app you will want to install it.

3. Google Drive

If you need to save any file, photo, video or any impotent file securely you will want Google Drive. You may recognize for the use of google drive and different Google apps first you want a Gmail account. By one Gmail you can get right of entry to You Tube,Mai Service,Google Map and other many google service.If you could’t create a Google/Gmail account then don’t worry. i will upload a post in a while How to create a account.

In Google Drive you could use 15 GB unfastened. If you're a paid user then you may use unlimited GB. You may recognise Google cloud storage how an awful lot safe for your data. If you want to take benefit of this Google Drive app you will want to install it.

4. Google Duo App

Duo is a video chatting app by means of Google. In this app you could call your buddy and you could ship textual content or video massage. Google duo fine for her excellent. If you want to name in full HD first-class then by no means leave out this app & Google Duo is a loose app. Most Bangladeshi people using Imo app in Bangladesh.But Imo video call is not qualitative. If you disillusioned with Imo you could use Google Duo app. May be Google duo app now not upset you. If you want to take advantage of this app you will want to put in it.

5. Google Earth App

If you are tour lover but you don’t have sufficient money to visit all country then you definately have a option to see world splendor by means of Google Earth app. You can see the world’s splendor by using install this small app. you could also enjoy your town view in Google Earth app. you may locate your own constructing or home. I think Google Earth app is a fine app ever. If you want to take benefit of this app you will want to put in it.

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