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While a few people choose to put money on favourites, others point out that finding value makes betting self-sufficient and can end in a good profit at the end of the Cheltenham Festival 2019. To figure out how you can generate a profit, listed here are a few Cheltenham betting tips that you need to take note of.

1. Follow the leading trainers. While all of us have our own favourite trainer to support at the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival, look out for those who got great recent track records. It will be beneficial to check on trainers’ strike-rates and profit figures and see which trainer had outstanding statistics.

2. Bet on the right kind of favourites. Never forget that it’s never as simple as betting on every favourite you’re familiar with. It’s more about being picky on picking the favourites you are backing on. At the same time, backing favourites in meets for novice riders is a profitable strategy to approach the Cheltenham Festival 2019 as there is a larger disparity in riding skill here.

3. Make certain the price is correct. Finally, know that the price is an essential factor to consider in regards to backing on favourites. And as research suggests, it’s profitable to back on shortest-priced favourites, as backing at bigger ones decreases entire profitability.

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