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Yokai Tamer - A story written in 10000 B.C., it was born in an agricultural tribe called izila, which lives in the beautiful OROS Valley, and the hunting tribe wenja is adjacent to the cannibal udam. On top of that, there is only a handful of information about the izila people, and only a few religious practices have survived: according to records, the tribe worships the sun goddess suxli and the moon god Mendus. On top of them is the supreme god Uban, who is considered untouchable. Even the correct name of Yokai Uban is in the hands of a few priests and gradually forgotten over time According to archaeological findings, izila declined around 10000 BC, and for unexplained reasons, the izila people suddenly abandoned the settlement. No one knows where they have gone: however, according to research by absteigo industries, their genes continue to this day, and their history is buried in the subconscious of future generations. One of them has integrated into the Germanic blood, and the word "Yokai Tamer Uban", which symbolizes the Supreme God, has evolved into the etymology of the word "Uber" in German today. Others, however, are still keeping their ancient beliefs in a low-key way. Among them are the gulimort brothers, the founder of Ubisoft.

During an exclusive interview, the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves gulimot, revealed a message: the origin of Yokai family can be traced back to the priests of izila tribe, and the name UBI is to pay homage to the gods worshipped by his ancestors. Although the happen time of story for Yokai Tamer is so far away from us, we can still experience the envoriment via Yokai Tamer game. More Yokai Tamer tips please visit: lahasoft.com

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