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Bruna is a project engineer working in the construction industry with over 10 years of experience in project management, planning and control, managing stakeholder’s expectations, solving problems and, an overview of Health & Safety. International experience working with high impact projects across Europe using the traditional methodology. Currently engaged with the Agile approach in order to better adapt to the constant changes in the environment, enhance knowledge and, to promote business growth.



2020 is not only the year of COVID but the year that Triona moved into Project Management working as a Project Manager for eShopWorld, providing a Global eCommerce Platform to the world’s leading Brands.  She is currently undertaking the MSc. in Project Management in pursuit of continuous learning.  Before immersing in all things Project Management, Triona worked in Client Success Management finessing the art of telling people what they want to hear:-)


Michael has worked in the Telecoms industry for over 11 years both in the UK and Ireland. Mainly working as an engineer he has branched in to Project Management more in recent years, undertaking the MSC in Project Management to get a more formal education on the subject, in addition to hands on real life experience. He is enjoying the course so far, especially learning about new project management concepts such as Agile.

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