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Although the creation of Brawl Stars guide is our common vision, every producer we interviewed has taken a very different path to achieve the ideal goal. Some insist on their own methods and believe in their own intuition and vision to design the game. Some rely on data and player feedback to find the balance of difficulty. There's no way to do it all once and for all. Balancing a Brawl Stars guide is even more difficult than playing it, but the rewards are worth it. For creating Brawl Stars tricks, it's very important to understand why hard games attract players. If you don't know why players play, you can't provide them with what they need. At the end of the day, why do we like to play such a difficult game?

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It's fun to master a lot of skills to create a Brawl Stars tips. "The process of learning skills is very interesting, and it's more interesting to apply the learned skills. Everyone likes to think that they have become smart. When they are faced with difficulties and obstacles in challenging games, what they give back is the feeling of becoming smart and a sense of achievement that can't be achieved by other methods. " Whether you are thinking carefully about the next step in the turn based strategy game, or in the action RPG, or in the 2D game carefully looking for the best jumping time, it's always great to master new skills.

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