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Rosacea is a skin disease that produces redness and swelling, usually in the nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks. Its cause is unidentified and basically incurable. But this can still be addressed by means of different treatments, such as injecting Botox in order to decrease the dilation of blood vessels which causes redness. Thanks to the Internet and the increasing number of beauty clinics, finding the best rosacea treatment London is easy, but how can you take advantage of this procedure?

Before acquiring a Botox treatment for rosacea, proper preparation is needed so you can receive the best results. Without it, you may just waste your cash and time. Here are some of the things you must accomplish:

1. Pick a less stressful time for your appointment

Undergoing any kind of medical treatment will bring you lots of stress, so plan your rosacea Botox treatment during your most ideal time. Make sure you have adequate time to relax a few days before your session to make yourself at ease and clear your head. In addition, avoid setting other schedules on the same day when you are obtaining the Botox treatment so you will not be rushed to prepare when going to the clinic. If you can, remain at home the day after the procedure to relax and prevent side effects from worsening.

2. Stop taking specific medications

Even though you are acquiring the best rosacea treatment London based, you can still encounter negative side effects if you consume particular medicines after your session. Various medicines such as sleeping aids, blood thinners, muscle relaxants, aspirins, and allergy medications can lead to bleeding or contusions if taken following a Botox procedure. With that in mind, always consult a cosmetic clinic or expert on how the procedure should be conducted in case you're taking these medications or if you should quit taking them completely.

3. Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Botox treatment for rosacea will concentrate on your face, so it is a necessity that you wash it completely ahead of your visit. Use a mild soap or cleanser to clean your face, then dry it using a soft towel in order to avoid discomfort. On the day of the treatment itself, do not put on cosmetic products or moisturisers as this might make the Botox ineffective. However, in case your doctor finds that there are still make-up or grime on your face, they may clean it with a germ-killing cleanser before the injection.

4. Apply Arnica

One of the highly suggested things to do before a rosacea Botox treatment is to use Arnica on your face. This can decrease the risk of getting contusions on the spots where the injections were administered. For you to guarantee your safety, inform your physician if you're availing this to determine if you are applying it correctly. Keep in mind not to apply Arnica cream on open wounds or consume it by mouth.

Take note that finding the best rosacea treatment London based isn't always enough. Before your session, be sure you carry out the things described here. Achieving the look you want is definitely a brilliant idea, but ensuring that you get the best experience and outcomes must never be overlooked.

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