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“You mean the cumshot I should’ve swallowed!” - Barbara to Wendy.

Age: 45

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Occupation: Stripper and Prostitute


Barbara is a very independent, go-getter hustler. She grew up quite the opposite, shy and soft spoken until she was impregnated by a toilet seat in High School. This incident changed her demeanour, leading her to steal Patsy’s more promiscuous clothes and become more bold and cheeky. Barbara is blunt and direct as a result of her profession. She likes taking advantage of lonely divorced men. Although, she is known to have a good heart, through her care of Cheyenne and Fifi.


  • Fifi Diyoza (Niece): Barbara likes give Fifi advice when she’s in need, and is a shoulder for her to cry on. They like to visit the Cafe together. The two often feel closer to each other than they do with their own mother/daughter.

  • Wendy Diyoza (Daughter): Wendy is Barbara’s neglected long lost daughter from the toilet seat incident. Barbara doesn’t like to engage with her because of Barbara’s association with that time in her life. This upsets Wendy as she wants a relationship with her mother.

  • Trudy Zamora (Friend)

  • Maude (Friend)

  • Cheyenne’s Unnamed Father

  • Wendy’s Unnamed Father

  • Nick (Business Transaction)

  • Numerous Men


  • Deborah Diyoza (Mother)

  • Patsy Diyoza (Sister)

  • Cheyenne Diyoza (Daughter)

  • Wendy Diyoza (Daughter)


  • Patsy Diyoza

  • Chrissy Tubton

  • Melondrea


  • Barbara is a part of Bo’s OG 30

  • Barbara is technically Bo’s first avatar, as a picture of her from 2017 resurfaced. But, she was only named until later, after Cantaloupe.

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