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Fine Motor Development stages- Children develop their skills with their hands through different stages of their life. These skills are:

  • writing

  • cutting

  • typing laces (Kid Sense Child Development, 2019)

According to Kid Sense Child Development, (2019), the following information is Developmental Milestones and Poor Implications if students are not able to reach the desired milestone. Below are the stages for children from age 0-5 years old.

1.Age 0-6 months-

At birth, children should have the ability to grasp. Children who are unable to grasp have poor muscle control. (Kid Sense Child Development, 2019)

2. Age 6-12 months- Children should be able to transfer objects from one hand to another, if children are unable to do this it is because they have delayed sensory development. (Kid Sense Child Development, 2019)

3. Age 1-2- At this stage children should be able to turn the knobs on the doors; if they are unable to do this, it is because there is a poor development of their hands and finger strength. (Kid Sense Child Development, 2019)

4. Ages 3-4- Children should be able to use scissors to cut paper; however children may not be able to take care of themselves and may need assistance to eat. (Kid Sense Child Development, 2019)

5. Ages 4-5- At these ages children will be able to dress and undress by themselves but they are still dependent on parents for dressing. (Kid Sense Child Development, 2019)

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