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  1. In groups of four read and discuss the information in the content of the lesson below.

  2. View the Adoption story video by clicking on it.

  3. View you tube video on How to prepare a power point video by clicking on it located in references.

  4. Define the terms in the word bank using the search button located at the top of this page. You may also use links in references to research the definitions.

Complete the Performance task to be presented for next class.

Family through courting,engagement then marriage. Photo courtesy Happyplace.com

Subject:Social Studies

Grade: 11

Time: 1hr 5 mins

Topic Area: Types of Unions

Instructional objective: At the end of this lesson the student(s) will be able to;

  1. Explain the ways in which families are formed

2. Discuss the modern ways of forming families

3. Prepare a power point on one way families are formed.

Word Bank:

1. Courtship-

2. Adoption-

3. Surrogate-

Summary of Content:

Ways in which families are formed:

  1. Courting

·         Courtship is usually the first sign/indication that two persons are interested in forming a family. This is the means by which a male and a female take the time to know each other. (NB: During courtship sexual relationships should not occur)

Courting Then

Courting Now

1.      Long ago young men would ride donkeys or walk to see the young lady they are interested in

2.      The young men are then expected to approach the girl’s family for permission to court her

3.      Supervision was given during courtship as long as it was granted by the young lady’s parents.

4.      The couple would then get engage

5.      The couple would then get married

1.      Young men are granted more freedom to see young ladies.

2.      Couples make their own decisions about their relationship

3.      A quicker development of sexual urges


Adoption. Photo courtesy adoptivefamily.com

Modern ways of forming families:

2.   In the Caribbean some couples do not see marriage as a prerequisite for cohabitating. Most persons see it fit to be in a visiting relationship even when starting a family.

3.  Adoption

Adoption Story video

         Some families are formed in non-conventional ways such as adoption. (NB: In the past this was an unaccepted custom)

4. Some families are also started by the use of surrogate mother. In this instance the female may be unable to carry a child but still fertile. Hence the surrogate carries the fertilized embryo

Surrogate Mother. Photo courtesy insidedition.com

Lesson Development :

  1. Teacher introduces objectives of the lesson.

  2. Student will review and discuss a comparison of courting then and now.

  3. Students will watch a video on an adoption story followed by a quick discussion on the contractual aspect of adoption and surrogate mothers.

  4. Teacher will provide some scaffolding on creating a power point and including pictures in it.

  5. teacher will also identify students who have experience in working with power point and ensure that there is one such student in each group.

  6. Then present instructions of the task to them.

Lesson Activities:

  1. Discuss the comparison in the table above in courting to forming a family then and now.

2. Students will watch educational video on the topic. Discuss key points in Adopting children in past and now.

3. Discuss the reasons why Adoption and Surrogate mothers are modern ways of forming families.

4. Students will work collaboratively to research information on the ways in which families are formed around the world.

Performance Task / Culminating Activity:

Using the list of ways families are formed students in groups of four would select one of the ways and gather the following information to be presented to the class in the form of a power point.

1.    State the name of the way (1pt)

2.    Definition of the way being researched (2pts)

3.    Detailed explanation of how the selected way forms a family. (4pts)

4.    Is the way selected still practiced today? (1pt)

5.    Present and read an article that indicates that the selected way is still present and practiced today. (6pts)

Conclusion: Teacher summarizes ways of forming families and comments on presentations by making note of highlights and weaknesses.


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