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Task: You and your group’s task will be to present your information to the class on your assigned indigenous people. You can create a poster, PowerPoint, or Prezi to present this information to the class. You will need to be able to explain your people’s culture from both before and after European influence.


  1. The students will first divide into three groups of five.

  2. Once the students are in their groups, one member of each group will draw one of three random cards with either Aztec, Inca, or Maya on them. This will be the indigenous peoples that each group will study.

  3. Next, the group will decide on who does what for the project. All members of each group will need to do research however, there will need to be a group leader.

  4. The leader needs to assign each member a task to carry out and also be able to inform each member what he/she needs to research.

  5. Once each member is assigned a task, they will need to begin doing research. Some research ideas to guide you are:

    1. When and where were these civilizations around?

    2. What was the culture like of these civilization before and after European influence?

    3. What was their religion?

    4. What form of political system did they have?

  6. Once your information has been collected, you and your group will need to decide on how the information will be presented. You can create a poster, PowerPoint, or Prezi to present your information to the class (Please be creative and include many visuals). If a different way of presenting the information to the class is preferred, please ask your teacher for permission.

  7. Once completed, turn in your assignment and review/practice presenting your information.

  8. Present your information collected by your group to the class.

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