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The education system in the UK is divided into four main parts, primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. All the children in the UK must have primary and secondary education from 5 to 16 years. Primary School and Secondary School are two critical phases of a child’s life. While primary school education provides a child's education base, secondary school is a foundation stone for higher education and further studies. Without these two phases, there is no point in going for higher education. 

Along with school, parents and students are also learning at home to get better exposure. Over time, many educational websites for students have made learning at home an experience worthwhile for every subject. You can search English tutor near me or any other subject tutor to get online tuition. Although the schools have opened now, there's still uncertainty due to the coronavirus- a global pandemic. Here are some of the best educational websites to help you learn at home:

1.Adnan Khan Tutoring

Adnan Khan Tutoring has experience of 20 years of online tuition is best educational website. They have highly experienced tutors from around the world who are not only professional but understand the importance of improving your child's primary and functional skills. Their online tuition classes have been highly successful in bridging students' learning gaps. You will find all the courses they offer on their exceptionally well-designed website, from year 1 to year 11, SATs, GCSE and 11 Plus. 

With Adnan Khan Tutoring, not only will your child develop an interest and love for Math, Science and all the other complex subjects, but you will also be free from all the worries. Unlike regular courses, their courses are aligned with the UK National curriculum. Students are provided with a monthly curriculum which is followed by both the tutor and the students. You will be offered additional resources to develop the core skills. The developmental progress is checked throughout with free assessments. Parents will also have weekly one on one sessions with the teachers to discuss their child's progress. Adnan Khan Tutoring also provides exceptionally affordable plans where parents can choose several lessons according to their preferences. You can pay according to weekly, fortnightly or monthly plans! You can book a free assessment for your child to check their strengths and weaknesses. The tutors will develop a personalised learning plan for your child in their one-to-one live tuition according to their learning abilities. They will also provide you with a student portal for your child and a parent's portal for you to make payments, and you're good to go! Anytime you believe you need to cancel the plan, you can give seven days written notice, and you are good! They not only believe in making parents' lives easier, but they also aspire to make it happen!


A small effort started by a father for his son turned into a huge learning source since the 90s. Other parents began noticing and joined in; Kumon is another reliable educational website for primary and secondary education. Kumon provides Maths and Reading Programmes with the aim of lifetime success. Their learning centres are the best places to learn. However,  if you are looking for a website to help your child learn at home, they provide Virtual Classes.

Kumon's USP is that their worksheets created by the founder for his son and then further for other students, are a great source of Learning. During the virtual classes, students are assisted in working on those step by step worksheets. Kumon's encourages individuality, and self-learning and their tutors also let children learn and look for answers themselves before jumping into built self-confidence. Currently, they are offering Free Registration and Parents Orientation to help you decide.

3.Explore Learning

An award-winning English and Maths Tutoring  company, Explore Learning is a unique educational website to learn at home. They provide English Tuition, Maths Tuition and 11 Plus Tuition. Not only have they trained, qualified and experienced tutors, but they also have Industry-leading tools to help your needs. They have developed an adaptive mechanism that assesses what you know and presents the skills they need to know about your child. They make sure that the child works at a pace and a unique level that also covers the school curriculum. Along with their membership for online classes, they offer a club for extensive learning and maths lessons from the celebrity Mathematician Bobby Seagull! So hurry up and register now too, for free!

4.Home Classroom

When looking for more options, do not forget to go through Home Classroom. You will find informative, exciting and engaging online lessons for children from 4 years old till 13 years old. They have many qualified tutors worldwide who help with 11 Plus Exam Preparation, Maths, Science and English.

With high-quality video quality and learning tools, they also have a dual interactive whiteboard that both tutor and the student can use. They believe in letting the child learn at their own pace and ask questions without the fear of being judged or being embarrassed. Home Classrooms have a built-in booking system, where you can easily register according to your schedule without compromising family or social life. After registration, you can also choose an online tutor yourself according to your preference and once done with that; you can book a session for any time that suits you through their chat services.

5.BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is an educational segment on the website of BBC. With a highly user-friendly and attractive interface, this website provides all the content you need for getting primary and secondary education at home. It provides all the range for Maths, English Science from Age 3 till 16. Not only that, it posts different articles on different topics studied in Primary and secondary education. The best part is the website's feature, where you filter in your requirements from a list of options given. You choose between primary, secondary and higher education : moving on, you select your school year and then subjects to get the exact lesson you are looking for! BBC Bitesize is quite useful for parents helping their children to learn at home as it offers all kinds of pieces of advice and fun activities to make the whole experience worthwhile.

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