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Instructions for Students

  1. Get into your assigned groups

  2. Decide among yourselves in the your group who will take which role (listed below)

  3. Review the material at the provided websites posted on the Resources tab for your group. There is to be no surfing the web for additional information. You must use the links provided on the Resources tab.

  4. Using the research links, answer the questions posed to your group (questions below)

  5. Your product at the end of the WebQuest will be to create a PowerPoint presentation to share what you have learned with the class. Presentations should include the answers to your group’s questions and any other pertinent information you discovered in the website links. At a minimum, presentations must include the following:

- Title Slide

- 5-7 Content Slides

- Conclusion

Total class size: 20 students, divided into 4 groups of 5

Roles Are:

  • Student 1: Leader (keeps the group on task, moving on, making sure project underway)

  • Student 2: Reader (reads aloud the article/website/info or pertinent facts from such to the group)

  • Student 3: Writer (takes notes on content learned)

  • Student 4: Designer (makes the PowerPoint slides from those notes)

  • Student 5: Presenter (stands in front of class and presents this group’s findings)

Group 1

Dolly the Sheep

Topic: Dolly the Sheep

  1. Why was Dolly Created?

  2. How long did Dolly the Sheep live for?

  3. What famous person was Dolly named after?

  4. How many attempts did it take for Campbell and Wilmut to successfully clone Dolly?

  5. What was the cause of Dolly the Sheeps death?

Group 2

Keith Campbell

Topic: Keith Campbell and Ron James

  1. What type of biologist is Keith Campbell (what biology field of study)?

  2. What was Campbell’s research method that made a major contribution to the first successful production of mammals cloned from embryonic cells?

  3. What accomplishments did Campbell have after Dolly?

  4. Who is Ron James?

  5. What is PPL’s leading project/goal?

Dr Ron James of PPL Therapeutics

Group 3

Dr. Ian Wilmut with Dolly the Sheep

Topic: Ian Wilmut and the Roslin Institute

  1. What type of scientist is Ian Wilmut?

  2. What process was used to create Dolly?

  3. Where is the Roslin Institute located and what institution is it under?

  4. What was one of the reasons Wilmut was experimenting with cloning livestock?

  5. What organization preceded the Roslin Institute?

Group 4

Dolly and her surrogate.

Topic: Cloning

  1. What type of differentiated cell did Dolly the sheep first originate from?

  2. What is cell differentiation?

  3. What is a quiescent cell and did it work for cloning?

  4. How many times did the scientists repeat the cloning process before it was successful?

  5. What was Dolly the Sheep’s birthday?

  6. How did scientists prove that Dolly was a clone and not a product of sexual reproduction?

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