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A rise in forearm cutaneous blood flow in response to exercise (as would be expected) was only seen in volunteers who had taken placebo ( P Figure 4I ). Post-hoc analysis showed significantly lower forearm skin blood flow in those who had taken CBD ( Figure 4I ; P Figure 4H ; P Figure 5A ) and MAP (placebo P Figure 5C ) in both groups and a rise in DBP only with placebo ( P Figure 5B ). An equal rise in SBP and MAP was seen with both CBD and placebo in the first half of this stress test. However, while the blood pressure (SBP and MAP) continued to rise in the placebo group, it plateaued in volunteers who had taken CBD, and therefore both SBP and MAP were significantly lower in volunteers after CBD (mean difference –8 mmHg [95% CI, –4 to –12, P Figure 5B ; P + / # P ++ P +++ P Figure 2 ). Six of 9 subjects had a lower DBP during the cold pressor, and 7 of 9 subject had a lower DBP in the recovery period after taking CBD ( Figure 2 ) CBD Oil.

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