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Leaf Cutter Ants

What does it do?

Leaf Cutter Ants cut pieces of leaves, but they don’t actually eat the leaves, instead, they take them back to their nest and use them to grow fungus.

How big are Leaf Cutter Ants?

Leaf Cutter Ants can be from .1-.65 inches.

Where do Leaf Cutter Ants live?

Leaf Cutter Ants are found across a wide area in Central and South America, from Mexico to Argentina.

What do they look like?

Leaf Cutter Ants have six legs.Each leg has three joints and 9 segments, 2 claws for gripping.Leaf Cutter Ants have 2 eyes, each eye is made of many smaller eyes.Their color is reddish brown.

How do they move?

Leaf Cutter Ants find their way home by producing and laying down pheromone trails as they move away from the nest.

Fun Fact about Leaf Cutter Ants!

Leaf Cutter Ants are known for their impressive carrying abilities!

What does it eat?

Leaf Cutter Ants eat fungus.

By Sophia, Enyu, Ellie, Emily

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