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Follow up activity for reading lesson : The Picnic

Photo courtesy: Rotary International

Class: Second Year Infants

Teacher: Miss Rambert

Activity: Students are invited to bring snacks, drinks, sandwiches, plates and cups. A picnic blanket will be spread below a shady tree and everyone will share goodies.

*This will be done on the last day of the school week, during the last hour of school.

Objectives: This activity will have students excited and interested in reading, connect them to real life experiences, help develop social interaction, good manners and it is collaborative and interactive. It helps enhance reading as a fun, pleasurable task. According to Stewart Gray, ‘ER itself can be a solitary activity, until you use a collaborative follow-up; then, it becomes a social activity with all the benefits in terms of motivation and language acquisition that come with social interaction’. I believe that any form of reading lessons can be enhanced with little follow up activities such as this and the benefits are the same. So why not ?

Gif courtesy: Zoritmex on Dribble


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