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All plans include Wikiful's full suite of features and tools.  You can switch plans at any time to meet your needs.

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Pricing and Billing FAQ

Can I try Wikiful for free?

Absolutely.  You can sign up for our free plan, which includes all of our tools and features.  You can easily upgrade to a different plan later if needed.

How do I decide which plan I need?

Choosing the plan that works best for you will depend on how many ways you want to use Wikiful, and how much information you want to store.  If you’re unsure about which plan you’ll need, you can always start with our free plan and upgrade if you outgrow it.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I change plans or cancel my account later?

Yes.  You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your account at any time.

How will you bill me?

We will bill your credit card monthly.  If you change or cancel your plan mid-month, your bill will automatically be prorated to reflect those changes.

For instance: if you switch from the Free Plan to the Basic Plan in the middle of the month, you will only be charged half of the monthly Basic Plan cost for that billing cycle.

What happens to my content if I unsubscribe?

We hope you'll find Wikiful to be a useful resource, and that you'll want to keep your wikis alive and thriving.  But if you decide to unsubscribe, you can use the "Export Wiki" feature to save a copy of all your wiki's content to your computer.

After unsubscribing, you will have a three-month grace period during which you can reinstate your account and restore your wikis.  After three months your content will be permanently erased.

Still have questions?

Please contact customer service at