New to Wikiful?  New to wikis in general?

Learn more about how you can use wikis to make life easier at home, at work, and at play.

What is a wiki?

Wikis are like little encyclopedias, where you can store any type of useful content.

Wiki pages are organized in a logical way, to make information easy to find.

Basically, if you have information that you want to access and update easily, or share effortlessly, building a personal wiki would be a great way to achieve that.

Wiki pages for Julie's Awesome Cecipe wiki

What can I do with a wiki?

Lots!  For instance, I can build a wiki for my recipes, with recipe pages organized by type or occasion.

Or I can build a wiki for my Airbnb, with pages containing all the information guests will need during their stay.

Or I can build a wiki for my business, where everyone on the team can collaboratively document product features and best practices.

Wiki dashboard

How do I build one?

Wikiful makes building a personal wiki easy.  All you have to do is sign up and start creating pages in your wiki.

You can organize the pages and content in whatever way will be the most helpful and useful to you.

You have complete control over how you set up this resource — that’s the beauty of having a personal wiki.

Easily create a new wiki

How are wikis organized?

However you want!  Ultimately, a wiki is a place to store, reference, and share information, so you can choose to structure your wiki in whatever way works best for you.

Say you have a new addition to the family.  You could add pages for what your kid is up to month-by-month, and share with your friends and family at the click of a button.

Or say you’re writing the Great American Novel.  You could create pages for the plot outline, characters, references, etc., and easily access your wiki from anywhere, whenever inspiration strikes.

Scrapbook for your kid A wiki for your novel

Are wikis public or private?

You decide!

If you’re using a wiki to keep track of your medical history and health information, you can keep it completely private, or only share it with your emergency contact.

If you’re using a wiki to organize a D&D campaign, you can share it specifically with the friends who are playing.

Or if you’re using a wiki to highlight the best local food in your town, you can make your wiki public and viewable by everyone.

If you have multiple wikis that you’re using for different purposes, you can make each individual wiki as public or private as you choose.

Make your wiki public or private Grant people access to your wiki

Can other people contribute?

Yes!  Whether you’re building a wiki for a business, for a team project, or to organize a group trip, you can designate as many contributors as needed to collaboratively edit and update the wiki.

Add contributors to your wiki

What about [x]?

We’re here to help!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@wikiful.com.