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If you are not planning to visit any rough terrain anytime sooner, regular tyres are indeed a good option. However, these tyres would not be able to sustain the wear and tear of rough roads. So, here comes 4x4 tyres, which are made up of durable rubber compounds and have strong sidewalls.

These tyres offer better handling and grip on rough roads, which is far better than any other regular car tyre. If you have never heard of 4x4 tyres, the following guide will help you understand their significance and build. 

What Is a 4x4 Tyre? 

As a car driver, you would always prefer to buy a car tyre, which lets you experience better speed, handling, and performance. 4x4 Tyres Milton Keynes are premium quality car tyres that provide you with a steady grip, enhanced durability, and better control. 

They also deliver improved traction on rough roads, reducing the braking distance of the car. 4×4 tyres are made of a hard rubber compound, which enhances its ability to drive on rough terrain.

Need Of 4×4 tyres

All types of car tyres serve a specific purpose. Some are good for a particular season, and some are good to drive on smooth surfaces. Similarly, 4×4 tyres are designed for tough roads, where normal tyres will face a lot of trouble.


Therefore, if you are going to drive on any muddy or snowy roads, then 4×4 tyres are the ones for you. They can easily drive on the snow without getting stuck on the road

Regular Tyres Vs 4×4 Tyres

The primary difference between these two types of tyres is their tread patterns. Compared with the regular tyres, 4×4 tyres have deeper grooves. The tread design on these tyres helps them in maintaining better traction on the road. 


However, 4×4tyres have more rolling resistance than regular tyres, which wear down the tyres more often. Due to such high traction and rolling resistance, these tyres consume a lot of fuel. 


The regular tyres could never perform well on muddy roads as they couldn't maintain a steady grip on it. However, 4×4 tyres are specifically designed for these types of road conditions, and they can easily tackle obstacles on their way. 


Other Durable car Tyres

There are a lot of car tyres much more similar to 4X4 tyres, which can move easily on rough roads. Some of these tyres are as follows. 


Off-Road Tyres

Off-road tyres deal with the problem like sudden braking and potholes on the roads. They have safety features like Anti-lock Brakes and steering controls. If you are travelling to a place, which does not have well-built roads, you should attach these tyres to your vehicle. 

Off-road tyres create a lot of noise. This noise is caused due to its huge tread blocks. However, it is due to these tread blocks that these tyres offer better traction on all kinds of roads. 

Mud Tyres

As it is evident from its name, these tyres are best suited for muddy roads. It has huge tread blocks, which enables it to displace muds and other gravel on the way. These are also not recommended for normal roads, as they vibrate a lot at high speeds. 

Sand Tyres

Equipped with sipes, which are a kind of grooves, these tyres offer a steady grip on sandhills. However, these tyres are mostly used in motorbikes, and they can be used in cars. Now that you have understood what a 4x4 tyre is, and how it is different from the regular tyre, you should try them once. Whenever you are driving on rough terrains, you can switch to 4x4 Tyres Milton Keynes. However, there are a lot of other off-road tyres that are available in the market, which you can consider for yourself. 

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