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Bacteria is good and bad. Bad little microbes that break into your immune system, furthermore they fight good tiny species in your skin there so small you can’t see them. There’s so much pathogen in our body’s there is lots of other bacteria’s they come from cells. There are more on earth then a other form of life they are the smallest critters in the world like the tardigrade.


It can affect a cough and also, they affect by you cutting yourself and multiplying themselves there everywhere in food on walls and floors on everything in the world. There is a cure for bacteria its antibiotics to cure. It works by killing the bacteria or stopping them from multiplying they can work very quickly and cure these creatures.


Tiny microbes kill other tiny creatures to protect the immune system from yuck bacteria. They multiply to fight. These single cells work very hard to keep soil for us. A Type of a microscopic creature is rhizobium it helps to fertilize the soil with nitrogen for plants to use for growing.                                                                                                                                         

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