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  1. RPA was signed late. Why?

  2. Owner wants a 1 month ‘rent back’. Why?

  3. Owner turned down a late closing date. Why?

  4. No signs anyone is moving out ie. where are all the boxes?

  5. Why do you need to know our inspector’s name? Do you have some special magic dust?

  6. What is the name of the escrow company? When will escrow open?

  7. Who’s name is on the property title? Appears to be David A Diepenhorst and Vicky D Diepenhorst.

  8. When will the owner’s personal items be out of the house?

  9. We are taking no further actions until escrow opens on September 7th in the name of all owners.

  10. We need to do another RPA with both owner names. On the new RPA, we will offer a lower price and all dates default to standard CA dates ie. 17 day inspection times etc.

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