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  1. Do we need to provide a washer and dryer? The more I write, I think we do.

  2. Rent? $4000/month is doable. $5000/month may be a long wait for the right family. But we have a lot going for us: 5 bedrooms, heated swimming pool, move-in-ready condition, washer and dryer etc. We may need to ask the tenant to: 1. Maintain the pool 2. Maintain the landscaping (minimal work). 3. Pay all utilities including the Solar lease and trash pickup. The solar lease pays for enough electricity to zero-out all electric bills even with the AC. In our favor, we can wait a month or two for the right tenant since we have no mortgage payment.

  3. In the city of San Diego, trash pickup is free for single family homes. In Santee, I think each house needs to pay for trash up.

  4. Hunter told me about Zillow’s free tenant acquisition and screening program. It looks very impressive.

  5. Our house is currently not marked Pending. But we have a signed contract (both buyer and seller) so I guess it doesn’t matter.

  6. The solar system is leased from Costco Solar. Yuck. I will choose to transfer the lease to us. The payoff amount is too high. The lease payment includes all maintenance. The lease expires in 2033 and Costco Solar will remove all of their equipment at no charge. In 2033 solar systems will probably be very cheap.

  7. Add an EV charger to the house? It could come in handy. However, access to a tenant’s driveway could be a problem.

  8. I found this on another rental listing: Tenant pays for all utilities, weekly pool service, weekly gardner and must have a Renter's Insurance policy. Pets will only be considered on a case by case basis.

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