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Ruby gemstone is one of the finest gemstones that come in a vibrant red hue which is so alluring for the discerning eyes. The red hue represents the color of heart and it is associated with love, passion, romance and bonding.  In fact, the color red has long symbolized love and life. This symbolism makes rubies an excellent choice for engagement ring. It is a well known fact that women love to wear red color dresses the most and hence the fiery red rubies will go well with your dresses. Like diamonds, loose rubies are also close to the heart of a woman.

Ruby has also been a favorite of the royalty, celebrities and affluent people. This lovely gemstone has fascinated both men and women for years. The pigeon red colored ruby is considered as the best and it is in great demand and mainly comes from Burma (Myanmar). You can find this amazing red stone in countries like Myanmar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many more. If you are in love with a special person, you should buy ruby rings, ruby engagement rings, ruby earrings and other pieces from a trusted online jewelry store. You can browse through the huge selection and then choose your designs as per your needs and budget.

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