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You should always be ready to deal with any problem that comes your way while driving. Here we are talking about the problem caused due to flat tyres, which can be a real show stopper when you are on an exotic trip. 

Let's say you are driving a car and get a flat tyre in the middle of the night — what would you do? Spare tyres are not a good choice in these situations, as it is challenging to change car tyres in the dark. Therefore, run-flat tyres are a better alternative in these conditions.

What Are Run Flat Tyres

The run-flat Continental Tyres Peterborough are designed simply with a creative idea and to serve a much greater purpose. They are generally used to provide your cars with safety from emergencies, such as a flat tyre. Even if your car tyres get punctured, you can drive them for a few kilometres without repairing them. The run-flat tyres do not get deformed when they get punctured. 

These tyres do not put you in a situation of helplessness. Although there may be a spare tyre with you, but lack of tools used to change the punctured tyres at that particular moment can be troublesome. In this state of emergency, when you are finding it hard to get a mechanic, your dream trip is completely ruined. 

Therefore, it is better to make your journey safe with run-flat tyres, which will run even if your tyres get punctured, but at a slow speed.

Working of Run Flat Tyres

A regular car tyre requires a steady air pressure to be in proper shape, whereas a Run-flat tyre is built using a strong cord and wires, which helps its sidewalls to maintain a proper shape without any air pressure. 

However, these tyres can be used to travel only a few kilometres after a puncture. 


The run-flat tyres are made of special rubber compounds, unlike regular tyres. They do not wear down easily as compared to regular tyres. Therefore, run-flat tyres are more durable and last longer. But there is one drawback with these tyres: they cannot be repaired once they wear down or get seriously damaged. 

Run-flat tyres reduce the chances of getting stuck on a lonely road with a puncture. Plus, they allow your visit to a nearby mechanic even when you have a flat tyre. However, if you use a regular tyre and it gets punctured, you will have to take out the spare tyres and replace the flat tyre. This is a very long process, and you may risk your safety if you don’t know how to replace a tyre properly.


Spare tyres are kept in the trunk of the cars, and they cover most of the space there, leaving very little space to keep the luggage. Also, these tyres could not be kept outside in the sunlight, as they will get damaged by the sun's exposure. Therefore, you have no choice but to keep it in the trunk. 

If you are travelling in an urban area, you can easily get roadside assistance in case of any emergency. However, if you are planning to have an off-road trip, you should get a run-flat tyre for yourself.


Run-flat tyres are a little more expensive than regular tyres, but at the end of the day, the expense is the same. This is because the regular tyres will get damaged easily, and will have to be replaced with spare tyres every time, which will cost you a lot. 

Therefore, it is preferable to install run-flat Tyres Peterborough instead of regular tyres. 

Now that you have understood what a run-flat tyre is and how different and much more useful it is than a spare tyre, you should get a run-flat tyre for yourself. If you want to buy premium quality run-flat tyres, you should visit ACE Tyres.

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