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  • add their name and any contact information you have to iXact

  • create:

    • a card in Trello (or move over from leads)

    • use the pre-existing template in the Template Gallery in Google Sheets called “0051-CHECKLIST-BUYER CLIENT” and add in any info that you already have

      • re-label the new one with the clients names in place of the “0051”

      • check through Nick’s email for their email addresses and any other info you can add to the checklist

    • a file in the Google Drive with their (and their partners) name. Typically, if it is a heterosexual couple, they should be listed “women’s name & man’s name”

      • in this file, add in another folder called “name+name Client Facing File”

      • within that folder, add another labeled “Upload a copy of ID for FINTRAC Requirement Here'“

      • upload a copy of the Google Sheet

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