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This section describes the Marketing Administrator Position


A copy of the Marketing Administrator’s contract should be kept on file with the brokerage and in our office along with copies of performance reviews in our office.

The Marketing Administrator is paid directly by the Lead through the brokerage HUB.

Work Hours

The Marketing Administrator will generally work “business hours” from Monday through Friday, which will usually mean 9 am to 5 pm. Occasional weekend or evening work will be required.

Examples of Role

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the Marketing Administrator’s role. For a more complete idea, see our team’s current organizational chart.

  • CEO Tasks

    • Sales

      • Qualifying leads by phone or email

      • Co-hosting first-time buyer seminars

      • Attending first listing meetings or buyer meetings with Nick

    • Marketing

      • Brainstorming content for

      • Writing blog posts

      • Writing ad copy and designing visual creative for Facebook ads

      • Writing copy for listings on the MLS

      • Creating feature sheets

      • Creating tweets

      • Adding to instagram stories

      • Arranging and sending closing gifts

  • COO Tasks

    • Providing weekly feedback for sellers

    • Booking showings for buyers

    • Arranging sign and lockbox pick up and drop off

    • Printing and delivering feature sheets

    • Creating contracts and listing agreements in Webforms

    • Gathering and uploading information and files on Faltour/Nexone

    • Gathering client information for FINTRAC requirements

    • Gathering information on a home for listing

    • Coordinating with Vendors for client events

    • Booking photography at listings

  • CFO Tasks

    • Organization of the office and our files

    • Recording expenses

    • Maintenance of the wiki

    • Coordination with the accountant for payment of taxes

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