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The Content Creator is a marketing position that answers directly to the Marketing Administrator.


The Content Creator’s contract will be kept on file in the office. The CC may be an outside contractor or employed full or part-time by Fundytus Inc.

Work Hours

As defined in the CC’s contract. This would start as a piecemeal position, growing to part time, eventually to full time.

Examples of the Role

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the Content Creator’s role. For a more complete idea, see our team’s current organizational chart.

  • CEO Tasks

    • Sales

      • Listing videos - Short, attention-grabbing videos to tell a story about new listings. Something beyond the typical moving slideshow and more like some of this realtor's videos. Supplemented with teaser clips for various social streams.

      • Marketing

        • Podcast Videos - I've started the podcast Realtor in Your Pocket, which is an interview-format podcast that's a resource for home sellers and buyers. I'd interview and record the raw footage for this, and you'd edit and get this ready for production with intros, outros, calls to action. Will also have teaser clips for various social streams, and published in both video and audio formats with transcriptions for the audio and subtitling for the video.

        • Branding Videos - Videos to let sellers and buyers know and like me and my team. "Day in the life of a Realtor," "How we sell your home safely," etc.

        • How To and Expertise Videos - Video to demonstrate our team's skill. Examples of this would be documenting the story of a listing from pre-listing to sale, showing what our team did to get it ready and what the result was.

        • Client Testimonials - Recording client testimonials to tell their stories. We want future clients to know that we have experience serving people just like them.

        • Client Events - A big portion of my lead generation is client events, and I have a few that I run each year. This would be creating videos to promote and record events, and thank clients for attending.Local

        • Partners and Neighbourhood Video - These are "top of funnel" pieces that show off neighbourhoods where our homes are listed and local businesses where we might host events, refer clients or partner for a contest or giveaway.

        • Market Updates - Editing and scripting for monthly market updates and market predictions for the Ottawa market and for smaller sub-markets (such as Beacon Hill).

        • Smaller Videos - A variety of videos that chronicle the business, client interactions, or around the city. These might be things that I shoot myself, but I'd value your input and direction for what to shoot and what to say.

        • Outtakes and Blooper Reels - Collecting B-roll and outtakes to use as blooper footage at the end of more serious work or in a collection of bloopers to show a more human side of the team.

Working with Existing Branding

I have a consistent brand appearance and voice that I'm happy with and will evolve over time. Any video we create will need to fit this voice.

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