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This section describes the positions on the Nick Fundytus team. Current Organizational Chart for Our Team



Nick Fundytus is the lead agent/business owner. The business exists for his benefit and his family’s livelihood. The lead is responsible for strategic and tactical decisions that affect the business, and all liabilities and risk. Nick should spend as much time as possible focusing on sales and marketing to grow the business.

Administrator/Marketing Administrator

Stephanie Ross is the Marketing Administrator. The role of the admin is to “take as much off of Nick’s plate” as possible, so that he can focus on sales and marketing. As a result of this, the admin will spend much of her time in the COO and CFO roles, while still executing a marketing plan in the CEO role (see “Three Hats” philosophy).

Buyer Specialist

The Buyer specialist is a Realtor focused on Buyer clients. She is responsible for her own lead generation and servicing leads provided by the brokerage. Her role is principally in the CEO and COO Role (see “Three Hats” philosophy).

Future Positions

As the business grows, new positions may be added to the team as needed.

  • Buyer Specialist

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Transaction Coordinator

  • Videographer/Photographer


Current Organizational Chart for Our Team

Responsibilities are divided up according to the different functions of the business (ie; Sales, Marketing, Transactions, Budget, etc.) At the top of this chart are the “Visionary” and “Integrator” seats (inspired by the book “Rocket Fuel, Wickman and Winters).

Important Notes:

  • Nick is in the Visionary Seat providing direction for the team.

  • Stephanie occupies the Integrator Seat, ensuring that plans are put into effect.

  • Although Nick is at the top of the chart when acting as a Visionary, he is an employee of the Integrator when working in one of his roles (sales or showings, for example).

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