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There are a lot of great resources out there that really get in the weeds on this topic, so I’ll try not to overload you with more. But I’ll try to give my general thoughts — please take or leave any of it!

Just to plug one resource: I found this podcast really interesting, because the journalist essentially started out from a position of believing that cracking down on sex work was the best way to deal with the problem of human trafficking. Over the course of the series, you see her thinking change on the issue, and it’s eye-opening to be along for the ride.

What’s the problem?

I’ve had a lot of anti-sex work friends, and in my experience there are a few main things they take issue with. I’ll try to address those here. Disclaimer: I am not anti-sex work, so I’m making a case and am not a neutral party.

On a spectrum from more to less vehemently opposed:

Sex work is inherently wrong

Some folks think there is absolutely no unproblematic way to allow sex work as an industry.

The way sex work plays out is mostly bad

Some folks can imagine an ideal world where sex work would be fine, but argue that the way it plays out in the real world causes more harm than good, so it shouldn’t be permitted.


Not in my backyard. Sex work is ok, but I wouldn’t want my adult kids or partner doing it.

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