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In descending order of importance:


  • At least 10 acres

  • Non-coastal

  • A lake (ideally fed by mountain run-off)

  • Limited or no easements


  • Mineral / timber rights

  • Includes a hill / highland of sorts, ideally with a south-facing slope

  • Full ridgeline

  • Access to roads / grid

Template realtor/land agency email

Hello [contact],

I’m interested in purchasing remote property in Alaska, and I noticed that your agency has posted several listings along the lines of what I’m looking for.

If you currently have any properties with the following characteristics, I’d be very interested in learning more about them (note: these are deal-breaker criteria in my search, so I am not interested in seeing any properties that don’t meet these conditions):

  • At least 10 acres

  • Non-coastal

  • Limited or no easements

  • A lake

  • Less than $[x]

Many thanks for your assistance,


Additional reading & resources

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