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Smart EV charging provides a platform for smart energy services and makes certain a secure and smooth charging experience. It not only allows you to reduce emissions but also helps cut down expenses.

It provides various benefits to charging using regular power sockets and therefore its popularity is rapidly increasing.

Intelligent charging or Smart EV charging is an advanced system of data connection between the charging device and the electric vehicle. The charging device and the charging operator share a data connection as well. Unlike standard charging devices ie regular power sockets, these smart devices connected to the cloud allow the owner to monitor, restrict, and manage their device usage remotely to optimise energy consumption.

Major Benefits Of Smart EV Charging:

1.Faster Charging

The optimum maximum amount of energy that is available is automatically utilized by the smart charging device. This safe usage of maximal charging power makes the process much faster in comparison to standard charging.

2.Safer Charging

A smart charging device is a much safer and carefree option when compared to a household power socket. These devices start charging only after automatically testing the connection between the device and your vehicle. In case there are several charging points in a single property dynamic load management can increase safety. At times of emergency, charging can also be remotely stopped.

3.Electricity consumption can be monitored

Unnecessary disputes and arguments with your neighbours due to energy consumption can be avoided with smart charging. This method allows consumption data to be effortlessly tracked to the right person. It is a convenient process where the EV driver and charging point owner can both be carefree about the payments that are billed automatically after charging based on the pricing of the station. This is based on customer identification on the cloud and the process of charging only begins after successful identification by the EV driver using a mobile app, one-time payment option or RFID tags.

4.Optimize Time Utilized

Based on the local electricity market pricing the timing can be optimized with smart charging. As the prices are based on the electricity demand money can be saved and it highly benefits the electricity grid and the environment.

5.Finding Charging Stations

Smart charging has stations connected to the network, making it easy to find a free station for use and reserve if necessary. All information is automatically available on the cloud and is easy to access. Some EV drivers can also choose the option to share their home charging stations with either a friend, anyone using the network or just restrict the access to themselves.

6.Save Money & The Environment

Electric car charger installations automatically optimize the charging time and help you save a lot of money and also protect the environment. This optimization of the charging event to a time when electricity is at its cheapest helps to balance the grid. The EV drivers number keeps multiplying and it demands more flexibility with passing time. This is a potential business investment with the overwhelming number of energy companies that could start offering EV drivers incentives for optimizing charge time, lowering power consumption, and allowing car batteries to be momentary power reserve batteries.

It is highly essential to keep up with the changing world and the pace at which the mobility sector is changing is fast and highly unpredictable. commercial EV chargers facilitate a smart charging service connected to the cloud that can not only be updated but also developed and moulded with ease.

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