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Motion Symphony is in a state of ongoing development. Version 2.0 contains the core features of Motion Symphony as well as several advancements in performance, flexibility and usability. However, development does not end there as Motion Symphony 2.0 has opened the door to much experimentation and further development of the plugin. There are many experimental features and bespoke concepts that are planned to be implemented. The roadmap is a plan for Motion Symphony’s future.


This roadmap is subject to change without notice. Planned features may be changed, tweaked or even cancelled. Priorities and order of the roadmap may be shuffled at any time. For this reason, the roadmap is indicative only of the intent to continue development of Motion Symphony down a certain path. It is by no means a guarantee of future updates and features.

The Road Map

  • Motion Symphony 2.0 Early Access release (source only)

  • Written documentation updates

  • Example project update (Minor)

  • Motion Symphony 2.0 UE5.3 Official release

  • Updated video tutorials for Motion Symphony 2.0

  • Major overhaul of Example Project

Roadmap will be updated following the completion of the above.

Note: The road map is not comprehensive and does not show the full extent of intended plans for Motion Symphony. It may change at any time.

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