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Motion Symphony is in a state of ongoing development. Version 1.0 contains the core features of Motion Symphony and the basis on which to build upon to create unique and powerful animation tools. There are many experimental features and bespoke concepts that are planned to be implemented. The roadmap is a plan for motion symphony’s future.


This roadmap is subject to change without notice. Planned features may be changed, tweaked or even cancelled. Priorities and order of the roadmap may be shuffled at any time. For this reason, the roadmap is indicative only of the intent to continue development of Motion Symphony down a certain path. It is by no means a guarantee of future updates and features.

The Road Map

  • More Tutorial Videos

  • Distance Matching - Continue development to a production ready state

    • Distance Matching Node

    • Distance Matching within Motion Matching Node

    • Distance Matching within Multi-Pose Matching Node

    • Distance Matching within Transition Matching Node

  • Procedural Animation Warping Integration

    • Stride Warping integration - for speed adjustment

    • Orientation Warping Integration - for angular error warping

  • Record/Replay Debugging

    • System for pausing, rewinding and replaying of motion matching to assist with debugging

  • Environmental / Situational Matching

    • Match environmental / situational tags in addition to pose and trajectory for automatic contextual animation.

Note: The road map is not comprehensive and does not show the full extent of intended plans for Motion Symphony. It may change at any time.

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